2023 丹麥演出時間:

2023.08.01  10:00  Børnekulturhuset Sokkelundlille  (Utterslev Torv 9 2400 København NV)
2023.09.15   16:00/17:00 Horsens Teaterfestival (Pladsen foran Søndergade 26)
2023.09.18   17:00 Hjørring Vendsyssel Teater (Kulturfrikadellen)
2023.10.15   11:00/13:00  Amager Børneteater Festival (Amagercenteret)


非常實驗性的作品,每次的結果都有些微不同。 每個物體(食材)和舞者之間的關係每次都會略有不同,數量、質地和溫度都不同。 一邊做飯一邊跳舞,充滿未知卻又在掌控之中。


A 15-minute short dance piece that combines dance and cooking.
Premiered in Germany in 2021.
This piece portrays three chefs meticulously preparing food in a kitchen. It is a highly experimental work, with subtle variations in each rendition. The interactions between the objects (ingredients) and the dancers are ever-changing, with varying quantities, textures, and temperatures. The dancers skillfully execute their movements while simultaneously cooking, creating an atmosphere that is both unpredictable and under control.


製作/Producers:  Gerhart Hauptmann-Theater Görlitz-Zittau、Art Farm、麥提舞團(Mai-Ti dance company)

音樂/Composer: Antonio Vivaldi

編舞/Choreographer: 劉孟婷(MengTing Liu)

表演/Performers: Martin Schultz Kristensen, Francisco Martínez, Alexandre May, (劉孟婷MengTing Liu)


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