conTemporary painter

 Art Farm, Denmark & Maiti, Taiwan 

此計畫為台灣麥提舞團與丹麥Art Farm共同策劃執行的項目。


A dance performance with a dancer from Taiwan and a musician from Denmark.
Taiwan is the only country that uses the traditional Chinese characters today, which provides an insight into the original Chinese history. The two artists convey a number of these symbols, through dance and live music respectively. Come and have the opportunity to get closer to a culture that at times seems completely incomprehensible.

Performance Dates: 

07. August-Kolding Bibliotek 

11:00 performance (workshop after the performance )

13. August-Kolding Ungdomsskolen Nord

09:00 performance (workshop after the performance )

14. August-Horsens Fængslet

13:00 performance (workshop after the performance )

19. August-Campus Vejle

15:30 performance (workshop after the performance )

主辦單位:Art Farm

MaiTi dance company


Sponsor: Ministry of Foreign Affairs, ROC (Taiwan)
National Culture and Art Foundation (Taiwan)

 Cultural Affairs Bureau, Tainan City Government(Taiwan)

S.C. Van Foundation (Denmark)